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Estate Review-Your Survivors Guide

Personal Estate Management PDF Form


Estate Review-Your Survivors Guide is a PDF Form designed for Adobe Reader X (free from and can be used on a Windows PC or an Apple MAC. A PDF Form is simple to use. You fill in form fields and print the pages you have completed.  It is just like any form you fill out by hand, except it is easier to keep updated by computer and you can print multiple copies as needed.  The form will guide you through what information to capture and allow your family and financial advisors to know where your assets and liabilities reside in case something happens to you. It also automatically calculates your financial assets and liabilities, and produces your net worth information. (See screen examples below.) Individual pages can be printed, so you only need to print each page when entered or updated.
Estate Review software is an independent database software program designed for Windows PC’s. It manages the individual records you enter into the software and prints reports based only upon those records. Estate Review software is not presently available for the MAC operating system.
Which product is best for me?  A form is limited by the physical size of the page, for example - how many typed characters a data field can hold, and how many data fields can be on a page.  Estate Review-Your Survivors Guide has been structured around a family of two adults and four children (or less), with some limitations to the number of bank accounts, investments, properties and other areas of the data assembled by the form.  The Estate Review software has unlimited entries for family members, financial records and personal data, contains longer text entry fields for data input and more robust notes entry fields.  The Estate Review software reports are not limited to page size, but are generated by the number of records entered for each section of the program, resulting in varying numbers of pages per report. While Your Survivors Guide has been designed with a structure anticipated as sufficient for the average user, the Estate Review software program is recommended for large families with unusually diverse financial holdings, and users who want to enter a greater level of detail. 

Sample Data Entry

The form walks you through gathering relevant information for your financial data, property information and important personal information. It contains fields for entering text. A short introduction to the screen is positioned above the text entry fields.


All accounts entered will be totaled, and the totals will be carried to the Net Worth Statement and Estate Net Value report.


Getting Around The Form
The form contains Navigation Bars at the top and bottom of each page.  The links will take you to each section of the form.



The "Tips" button on each data entry screen offers more detailed information on how to use each section of the program and shows sample form entries.  Click the Tips button to go to the related Tips information page.

Sample Net Worth Statement

The "Net Worth Statement", and "Estate Net Value Report" are populated from the monetary values entered in the various segments of the program, and are updated automatically when you update a related section of the program.


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