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Estate Review
Personal Estate Management Software

Estate Review is an independent database software program designed for Windows PC's.  It has unlimited entries for family members, financial records and personal data, contains long text entry fields for data input and robust notes entry fields. (Don't have a Windows PC? Try the Estate Review-Your Survivors Guide Adobe PDF Form for MAC or Windows.)   

Sample Data Entry Screen

The "Enter and Edit Records" box walks you through gathering relevant information for your financial data, property information and important personal information. It contains fields for entering text, together with dropdown selection boxes for predetermined groups of data. A short introduction to the screen is positioned above the text entry fields next to the "Tips" button.


The "Record Locator" box below the "Enter and Edit Records" box will help you to quickly jump to a record by clicking any box in the "Record Locator". In the above screen, selecting "Boat Loan" under "Type" will display the record containing information about that loan in the "Enter and Edit Records" box. This can be very useful in sections of the program where you have a lot of records, such as in the Personal Property Inventory.


The "Tips" button on each data entry screen offers more detailed information on how to use each section of the program. Each tips screen also has a button to show a sample report related to the section of the program you are working in. If you are working in a section of the program where you need a calculator, for example a mortgage calculator, the "Tips" screen also has a link to the Estate Review website where there are links under the "Web Tools" tab to many useful calculators and associated informational website links.


Estate Review uses a familiar dropdown menu system to get around the program. Quick "Go To" buttons are also located in the navigation bars below the "Enter and Edit Records" box when there are linked data fields. For example, bank name information is entered in the "Bank Names" screen so that it is only necessary to enter the name, address, phone and contact information for a bank once. Click the "Go To Bank Accounts" button in the navigation bar to quickly navigate to the "Bank Accounts" data entry screen.

The "Bank Accounts" screen will have a dropdown box populated with the bank names that have already been entered in the "Bank Names" data entry screens. There is no need to enter accounts in any particular order. The "Bank Accounts Report" will sort the data by Bank Name.

Sample Reports

There are more than 30 reports in Estate Review, which are automatically populated from the data entered in each data entry screen. As the program is completed for each section, the associated report will become more complete. The "Net Worth Statement", and "Estate Net Value Report" are populated from the monetary values entered in the various segments of the program, and are updated automatically when you update a related section of the program.

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