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There are many websites available to help determine home and auto values, the balance on your mortgage or car loan, what to put in your safe deposit box and a myriad of other things you will address in Estate Review. Check back from time to time to see what's new.

Amortization Calculator (How much is left on my home or auto loan?)



Automobile, Motorcycle, Boats, RV Values (What is my car, boat or RV worth?)

Kelly Blue Book:

Credit Card Pay-Off Calculator (How much would I have to pay each month to pay off my credit card in 3 years?)

Documents / Records (What should I keep, how long and where should I put my important papers?)
Estate Planning Checklists (Tips from some experts)
Memorandum of Personal Property (Choosing who will inherit your stuff)
Passwords and Secure Locations (What your Executor needs to know about security and passwords)
Payable-on-Death Bank Accounts (Do you know you can designate a beneficiary to your bank account?)
Personal Property Inventory (Helpful tips on getting your inventory going)
Property-Selling Your Home-Cost Basis and Capital Gain (Why you need to keep track of home improvements)
Property Values (What is my home worth?)
Safe Deposit Box (What should I put - and not put - in my safe deposit box?)
When to Review Your Estate Plan (Keeping things up-to-date)
Why Have a Will (Do I need a will?)
Blue Duma, LLC and Estate Review do not endorse or recommend the services or products contained in these links. They are placed here for your reference and personal evaluation as tools to assist you in the process of completing the process of reviewing your estate.
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