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Estate Review
Personal Estate Management Software

Estate Review is produced by Blue Duma, a privately owned software company dedicated to assisting individuals in gathering important data on the status of their personal estate, or the estate of a loved one. For those who need to assemble in one concise format a database that identifies where their assets, liabilities, important records and personal information reside, the Estate Review personal estate management software is ready to help get the job done. Estate Review generates reports on assets and liabilities, net worth, contacts, document locations, insurance policies, personal property inventory and important personal information. This information is then available in case the estate holder becomes ill, requires long term care, or is unable to manage his or her own affairs. Their loved ones, spouses and significant others can retrieve critical information needed to care for them.
The founders of Estate Review first developed the basic content of the program many years ago to identify estate holdings for a young family when planning travel to some very remote locations in Africa. What would happen to our small children if something happened to us? How could someone figure out what we had in investments and where they were located, find our insurance policies, locate our wills, safe deposit box, contact our family and friends and identify our debt obligations?
It became clear that a software program addressing all of this important information in one place would not only help gather the data, but aid in keeping it current as things inevitably change over time. During the software development, we sat down with our parents and helped them gather their information. In the process, a significant life insurance policy was discovered that had been forgotten, and may have been missed entirely when our parents later passed away. It had a large cash value, and they were able to use part of it to pay off some high interest credit card debt. When they went to assisted living, some jewelry disappeared. Because we knew what there was and where to find the appraisals, their home insurance policy covered the losses. When it came time to settle their estates, the Estate Review reports really helped to simplify the process.
Blue Duma
"Duma" is Swahili for "Cheetah". We have great respect for the remarkably beautiful and endangered Cheetah, and Estate Review was born from the need to assemble our financial and personal information prior to our first trip to Africa.
In addition to its software development goals, Blue Duma is committed to supporting, among others, women’s rights, education and animal protection.
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